The Ruby Princess

The Ruby Princess Main Image

Peter Dutton didn’t stop the one boat that mattered – the Ruby Princess.

‪On 15 March, Scott Morrison said, “the Australian Government will ban cruise ships from foreign ports from arriving at Aust ports.”

4 days later, Peter Dutton let the Ruby Princess dock in Sydney, 2700 passengers got off the ship and spread COVID-19 across Australia.

Talk about incompetence.

Because of Peter Dutton, the Ruby Princess has caused:

  • ‪Over 1000 cases of coronavirus
  • Over 30 tragic deaths
  • The outbreak in North West Tasmania.

‪At every turn, Peter Dutton has tried to pass the buck and blame NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian.

‪The Federal Government has been responsible for border security since 1901.

‪‪We are all living with the consequences of the one boat Peter Dutton didn’t stop.

One Minister’s incompetence has caused 10% of Australia’s COVID-19 cases.

If you were impacted by the Ruby Princess, get in touch here.