Safer Seats Rorts

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has been caught red-handed rejecting the advice of his own community safety experts and directing taxpayers' money into projects in marginal and Government-held electorates.

In an explosive story from ABC 730, freedom-of-information documents about Round Three of the Safer Communities Fund reveal that Peter Dutton was prioritising the election fortunes of the Liberal and National Parties in the 2019 election over community safety.

The ABC also reported that Minister Dutton announced funding for two projects in the lead-up to the Braddon by-election with the then Liberal candidate, despite the grant guidelines not being written, and without expert safety advice from his own Department. Peter Dutton funded the two Braddon projects even though his own community safety experts later told him not to.

It seems Peter Dutton was not trying to make communities safer, but rather he was using taxpayer’s money to make Liberal seats safer.

Peter Dutton's community safety experts made detailed recommendations about which communities needed help, but the Minister rejected that advice with 91% of funding ending up in Government-held, independent or marginal Labor seats.

Of course, every community around the nation would welcome more community safety funding, but why did Peter Dutton reject the advice of the community safety experts?

Given these disturbing allegations, it is likely that many communities across the country may have missed out on Safer Communities Fund grants.

More than a hundred pages of Home Affairs documents have been released about this scandal. However, many details are redacted of the hundreds of unsuccessful organisations.

We would like your help to identify any organisations who have missed out.


You can view the redacted documents here:


If you recognise any organisation in the redacted files, or are away of any organisation that applied and didn't receive funding, please get in touch.

Please send details to [email protected]. Or call my office on 02 9891 9139.