Multicultural Engagement Taskforce


Since introducing the Racial Discrimination Act in 1973, the Australian Labor Party (ALP) has championed multicultural policy as a cornerstone of Australian values and social cohesion.

The ALP has launched a Multicultural Engagement Taskforce to engage multicultural Australia to help inform, with as many voices as possible, Federal Labor’s policies and the role of multiculturalism in social cohesion and Australian identity.

The taskforce will also reflect on the broader role of the Commonwealth government in securing a more inclusive society and economy.

Have your say and help shape Labor’s policies. We want to hear from you.

 The taskforce welcomes submissions in all forms including in writing, audio or video. We welcome your submission in any language.

Submissions should relate to at least one area of focus for the taskforce and include contact details.

To make a submission or contact Labor’s Multicultural Engagement Taskforce, please contact us here.