Citizenship Processing Times

They have paid the money and waited their turn.

They work every day to contribute to Australia.

Now they want to pledge allegiance to Australia… but they can't.

Under the Liberals, there has been massive blowouts in Australian citizenship processing times.

The Auditor-General handed down an utterly scathing report on citizenship processing under the Liberals.


“Applications for citizenship by conferral have not been processed efficiently by the Department of Home Affairs…

Applications have not been processed in a time-efficient manner…

Applications have not been processed in a resource-efficient manner.”

- Auditor General’s report


Over 220,000 people are waiting to have their citizenship applications processed.

There are currently 85,000 people waiting for a citizenship ceremony to become citizens.

Future citizens are being forced to wait over 12 months to pledge allegiance to Australia under the Liberals.

This is not good enough.

Stand up to the Liberals citizenship processing delays here.